IRS cqn sieze your refund for relatives’ debt


Says you. Try having the IRS owe you a few grand. Still waiting on that check from several years back. In the IRS’ defense, the mailman could have cashed it, since banks rarely do pesky stuff like read anymore. I’ve also had them unilateraly apply tax credits that I wasn’t legally eligible for (thank heaven I can’t be held liable for their mistakes… yet). That said, it was a big tax giveaway (making work pay act) in an election year so I can’t say I’m too surprised. Their behavior can appear quite baffling unless you have looked deeply at the history of their actions.

Seriously, read a few Inspector General’s reports before you defend an organization that you know little about. They regularly violate their own rules; especially the ones about not keeping an “enemies list” of tax protestors and not auditing because of RO’s personal vendettas. Practically every administration since (and including) FDR have used them as a political weapon against their opponents. Judges and Jurors who decide against them get singled out for audit. Repeated studies by lawyers have shown the Revenue Code to be so self-contradictory that prosecution is effectively discretionary. As such “following the law” is basically whatever they feel like at the moment. Oh, and there’s a special tax court that is exempt from due process if they so choose to subject you to it (usually reserved for aformentioned protestors).

But, you are right in saying it’s not about the money. It’s mostly about Revenue Officers and their self-aggrandizement. The way to get promoted is to maximize seizures, and that has been the case from the beginning. The money comes naturally with those incentives. The frequent strong-arm tactics they use to achieve said siezures (and the above bending of rules) is why they are considered little different from a private criminal organization running a protection racket. The things the tax money is spent on (international murder, political blackmail, crony arrangements) is also little different in practice, so you can forgive why a person could mistake the IRS for a mafia organization. Duck rule and all that.

Now I know some ‘a youse are thinking — “but the government does X charitable thing! They’re not all bad, they’re compartmentalized, blah blah…” Well, the Mafia runs charities too. Both organizations rely on the forebearance of their victims, so they gotta have some way to paint a positive image over the majority of their activities being rotten. And there will always be fools that believe they can join the Mafia to do good — however, they will not achieve influence because of the incentive structure (the most rapacious get promoted).

Get over yourselves, people. It’s a tough world out there, and a government funded by invoulntary contribution doesn’t make any of that go away. Doing Evil that Good May Come (TM) doesn’t work out in the long run, so either get used to doing things the hard way, or living in a world dominated by evil. By and large, we’ve chosen the latter, and we need to accept that rather than getting Stockholm Syndrome about the whole affair. Quit defending people who would kill you with your own money without thinking twice about it.

So, I hope you guys reading TFA realize what this is really about: A bunch of ROs got together and figured out a plausible enough justification to pull in more siezures (and hence more promotions/$$$). They win, the taxpayer loses, the Bureacracies doesn’t really care because at the end of the day they have a printing press and whole lots of trigger-pullers. The politicians will continue to try and avoid the subject of the IRS altogether, as that makes people think too much about how the sausage is made rather than the delicious *free* sausage they want to offer up. The courts can be relied upon not to rein in the IRS, as they would prefer not to bite the hand that feeds them. The people (in general) cannot be relied upon because they are widely bamboozled that voting can somehow dislodge such ingrained corruption of incentives. The only person you can rely on is yourself — If you want this to change, you have to be the change you want to see in others.

You don’t have to save me. Just hold my hand while I save myself.

Only be with someone who you think you can learn from. They should be smarter than you in certain ways so that you can continue to grow and be interested. Above all, you should undoubtedly be proud that you are with them.
something my 10th grade history teacher told me about how he knew he wanted to marry his wife (via modernmethadone)

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Re: Fuck the FAA

Well it’s not going to be that way much longer. The “concept of freedom” isn’t understood or valued except for “my freedom to get what I want paid for by someone else.”

The people, including most on this liberally biased forum, demand that the government give them whatever they want.

The consequence is that the government can do to them whatever it wants.

And they never grasp the connection.

It will eventually come to blows.

And what follows will be even worse.

A story by the Opportunist about Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable.

"The internet was our garden. And a beautiful garden it was. Sure, some fed agency created it, but let’s face it, they used a fraction of the lot and we didn’t really care for their supersecret bases they had littered about. There was so much empty space in between! And that lot we cultivated. We built a few nice trees and in their shadows we relaxed, we planted beautiful roses and yes, a few fruits and vegetables because, hey, it’s always better if you grow it yourself. And … heh, well, yeah, we had a few corners here or there where we grew that "special weed", ya know, but nobody really gave a shit, it was just us.

We were pretty good gardeners. Well, you pretty much had to be in those days, if you didn’t know your way ‘round with rake and shovel, you didn’t really get much out of it. Still, we were quite happy with it. So happy actually that we thought we should share that. I mean, there’s so many people out there who don’t even know just how great the garden is! And we invited them in. They looked around and, well, most of them didn’t quite “get” it. Sure, it was nice, here or there, well, if you’re into botany, that is, but it’s kinda hard to get around and find your way through the jungle, and using a machete wherever you go, phew, hard work! But a few of them stayed. They didn’t quite know what they do, but we handed them a few saplings and some seed and some actually managed to learn a thing or two about gardening. Sure, of course a few smartasses tried to steal our stuff, but we usually didn’t have much of a problem to whack them with our shovel and get our stuff back. And, heh, yeah, we, too, went into each other’s yards and played some pranks on each other, painted their roses black and the like, but it was all in good fun! And hey, they sure liked our … ya know, “special stuff”. They still had no idea how to grow it, but they were quite willing to help us share everything with everyone, as long as they got their share, too. And, well, why not, pass the blunt!

That was about when the corporations noticed that, hey, where did all the people go? They took a look at the garden and they went batshit crazy. I mean, sure, we knew that it’s great, but we never saw anyone go so insane about it. They saw it as the next big thing to make money with, and we laughed. Money? With this? Dude, you can’t make money out of a system based on freedom and sharing! Everything in here is free. Yeah, in both ways.

True. You can’t make money in such a system. Unless of course you change the rules. And changing the rules, they could.

I can’t help but think that this must be how the natives of the US felt after they were “discovered”. Because we had to face that there are suddenly areas in what we considered OUR garden where we couldn’t go anymore. Worse, something that was the staple of our culture, going to a guy who did something great and asking him for a sapling of his wonderful tree. Became anathema. Instead of you SHOULD imitate and build on top of mine, the new creed was you MUST NOT. This rule, of course, did only surface after they themselves took from our gardens what they could possible rake together quickly. You might understand our utter disbelief and of course outrage when we noticed that turnabout is not fair game.

Well, we have had our share of trolls and nuisances before. Long before we already had to deal with people who trampled through our gardens or were a general pest. Our solution was simple, we took our superior gardening skills and whacked them from here to next week with our shovels ‘til they either learned to play nice or left for good. This didn’t work out so well this time. No, not because they had the better gardeners. But they didn’t need to. They had a much more powerful weapon in their arsenal: The law. First, they ensured that the laws would benefit them, and then they used it against us. And despite how despicable it may be, we have to admit that it is quite efficient to have others take care of your battles, especially when you know that you cannot win a conventional war.

And now we’re sitting here in what’s left of our once beautiful garden. The once mighty jungle has been tamed and civilized, what used to be interesting and a land for explorers is now divided into lots that you may buy instead of simply use. You can get there easier now… well, if you prefer using long winding roads to a direct route, but the long winding roads are necessary so you pass by all the billboards that block your view to what’s really interesting. Of course you may not step anywhere, only where you’re allowed to, and don’t even think about taking anything, rest assured it’s for sale, not free.

So we’re sitting here now, at the edge of something we once knew as beautiful and free. We’re looking at it and we wonder what we did wrong. Where did we fail? And I can only come up with one solution for when we try something like this again: Don’t invite the masses in. Keep it to yourself. It’s the only way how you can really keep it. And the only way you can do without a camo net over your herb garden.”

denver, the only beauty left.

denver, the only beauty left.

I’m dead inside.

I’m dead inside.

Study: Video Gamer Aggression Result of Game Experience, Not Violent Content


"It’s lack of self-control that inspires violent behaviour. Whether it’s a game or a nagging spouse that sends a person into a rage, the problem still resides with the individual, so enough with the scapegoating."

Here we go again


"I would also say that everyone has limits. Backing individuals into impossible situations passive aggressively is something that modern society has become very good at. Since some people have more control than others for a given type of situation, those with less end up as canaries in the coal mine. Eg, the rise in school shootings probably has to do with how our society/school system increasingly treats individuality negatively. Those who feel it most, feel it first. Boom."

with weasel words

AC :

They’ll use weasel words to undercut your rights.

See, for example, the arguments for limiting political speech in Breyer’s dissent recently. “We need to limit free speech in order to protect First Amendment interests”

What the FUCK is a “First Amendment interest” and how the hell does that justify limiting free speech because it’s political in nature? Oh, yeah. It’s a weasel word used to get around the actual wording of the First Amendment and restrict speech someone in power doesn’t like. “Your speech is OK, but your’s is not!”

Hooray for treating the Constitution as a “living document”, eh? “Congress shall make no law …” gets reinterpreted as “unless we really want to”. Yeah. Weasel words because you want to do what it says you CAN’T.

Want to remove the right to bear arms? Hang your weasel words on an explanatory clause that enumerates one reason for that right.

Want to regulate something obscure? Call it “interstate commerce” and hang your weasel words on the Commerce Clause.

Want to penalize someone for not buying health care? Ignore the language of the law and use your weasel words to call it a “tax”.

Want the government to “do something” that you like, but can’t find explicit authorization for it in the Constitution? Use your weasel words and utterly ignore the 10th Amendment.

And your rights that the Constitution in general and the Bill of Rights in particular was meant to protect get flushed.

It’s SUCH a good thing we have a self-proclaimed Constitutional scholar as President so he can protect us from all this….

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I think I finally have to sleep tonight.

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where is our social contract?